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Additional Add-ons

40 Waters w/ cooler & ice ($40)

80 Waters w/ cooler & ice ($75)

70 Sodas (2x 35-packs) w/ cooler & ice ($75)

Each additional case of soda w/ cooler & ice ($35)

Earbuds (60 for $50, or $1/each)

Snyder's Mini Pretzels - 36 pack ($15)

Utz Assorted Snacks - 42 pack ($20)

Lays Chips - 50 pack ($25)

Candy Bars Assorted - 30 pack ($35)

Premium Entertainment Package

Group*: $100/day (18 hours of service)
*Group Leader must purchase in advance by calling sales department*

Individual: $5/person (can be purchased individually on day of trip, on bus)

(BYOD - Bring Your Own Device)


  • Premium WIFI, 5 times faster (browse the web and social media)
  • Onboard Entertainment with the latest Hollywood movies & TV shows from On Demand Library

Once the group or individual purchases the Extended WIFI package, they will receive a code which allows access to the entertainment experience.

Follow the instructions on your devices to set up your On-board experience.

Click here for more information on this package.

Premium Entertainment Package - Group

Premium Entertainment Package - Individual

Free Standard Wi-fi on all 56 passenger buses

  • Good for basic messaging & Email access
  • Does not allow Streaming/Youtube/Facebook

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